Monday, March 18, 2019

Today is a great day,  I have noticed that I have more energy and my pain has decrease somewhat.  I am getting more done and enjoying it more.  It must be the sunshine now I just have to figure out how to not let the bad weather affect me.  With my arthritis I do not think that will happen but miracles happen every day.  I done two loads of laundry and vacumned up and down stairs and that is quite the accomplishment.  Just doing one floor usually puts me down.  
My  amarylis is gotton so big I need to google it and see what I need to do to keep it alive.  I saw and neat plant stand for just this spot at TJ Max but alas it was too much for me to spend.

I keep turning my plants as they go to the light so I turn them around and I am quite sure they would say if they could talk.  "Hey I was enjoying that light now I have to start all over"  LOL.

We put new carpet in last summer and decided that we would not wear our shoes in the house at least not on the carpet.  So I had to figure out a plan for the man.  I bought a basket so he could put his shoes in and he has a chair to sit on.  Well this is the result.
How many shoes does one man need in a day?  Oh well I love him.  

I just have to show you my go to tool.  I use it for everything.  My hands have no grip in them so I use the plyers.  
It is such a beautiful day today I am off to take a walk.  See ya tomorrow I hope  

Friday, March 15, 2019

I just had to get out of the house today.  The sun felt so good so daughter #2 took the day off and we went to lunch and a movie.  The Movie was " 5 Steps Apart" and it is the story of two teens or a couple who have cistic Fribrosis (not sure of the spelling) and their fight for breath.  It was a real tear jerker ( two box tissue)  It was personal as we have had two friends with children with the disease.  One of them was a best friend of my oldest son and he passed away.  I will never forget the night my son went to the hospital to visit him one last time.  He came home in tears and asked me Mom how do you  get ready to die when you know it is going to happen?  We just cried a lot that night.  My next door neighbor's son also had the disease but he was diagnosed early and with new medications and trials he is doing really good.  He evern went on a misson to Mexico.  

Just wishing and praying for miracles all night and day.  I really wish this world would wake up.  Hubby and I were talking about the flood and Noah and he said well we don't need to worry about too much snow melting, God said he wouldn't destroy the world with water again.  I told him but it might get really wet.  

We are off tomorrow to shop for baby Hudsen William who was born Tuesday March 12.  He weighed 6 lbs and 5 oz.  I thought his mom said 5 lbs and 6 oz.  so I am a happy great grandma for that extra pound as he was early

This is my grandson's little family and Hudson is the new addition.  I told them they should have 12 kids because theymake such beautiful ones and the reply was  NO !!

Well please everyone keep praying the world turns around so our Lord is happier and people are too.  At least so they do not have to worry about getting shot when they are worshiping.  
Good night and have a great weekend. 

Thursday, March 14, 2019

This is going to be a very short post.  Busy day but I must say the sun did shine and the snow did melt quite a bit.  I am so saddened by the New Zealand news.   My heart and prayers go out to the families who have lost loved ones.  I must say this world is in a termoil.  But we must keep our faith and endure till the end.  God bless all of you tonight and always. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

I am so glad I got to work in my yard yesterday because this is what it looks like today:

I didn't even want to go out to take a picture so I just stood at the door.  It sure makes a person wonder what is going on.  I feel so bad for the birds.  I put some food out but now the snow has covered it up  
I guess I will get working on my project that I just cannot get excited about.  It is a baby quilt.  My daughter bought some fat quarters and wanted me to make something out of them.  Well this is where I am at.  I do hope when I get it done it brings more excitement to me than it does right how.  

I wanted to show some of the cute thing that I won at the baby shower.  They were a door price for the person who brought the most diapers.  

It is a cute basket a key holder a water spritzer and a little plant.  
I was quite surprised that it all went together I thought she would give them out separately.
Well I can hear Mr shoveling for the third time today so I better get him a hot drink for when he gets done.  I hope the sun is shinning where you are.  

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Where has the time gone.  We have been out of town so I have been away from my laptop.  I am not allowed to take it with me as I need time off of my techy tools.

Today was a really good day and I got out in the yard and cleaned (semi cleaned) some of my flowerbeds.  Pictures tomorrow if it does not snow again.  We are finally getting some better weather and I am so ready for it.  To night it is suppose to rain or snow but not stick thank goodness.

I have been busy with baby showers and babies.  I am so fortunate to be alive to see my great grandchildren.  We got anotherone today a boy his name is Hudson.  He came early but still made the 5 lbs that he needed to make.  Hope to show pictures soon.

Here are a few from the baby shower.  I cannot believe how they go all out these days.  I was lucky to have a few bottles and a crib when mine were born.  This little one will probably never use half of the stuff that was given to his parents for him.

This is the decor that they had.  I had made a quilt with a little fox for them and I guess they liked it.

This table was full of presents I only got a picture of a few as I arrived early and was done taking pictures when it got full.  And I mean full. 

Hedge Hog table center pieces

 I think this one was a monkey I am not sure

This one was a fox.

Fun was had by all and they did a really cute thing everyone ironed a decal on a onezy and that was neat she has got a lot of them for him and they did different sizes so he can grow into them.

I am looking forward to gardening this year.  I have been brousing through catalogs and I am thinking of redoing my whole flower garden area.  We will see.
Well I am resting my back as it is telling me I did too much today.  Everyone have a great evening.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

I just check and I have seven followers I am so excited!!  I love communing with people all over and seeing what they up to.  I think as we get older sometimes we get forgotten by the younger crowd.  I have not joined Seniors yet due to the fact that the Seniors here in our town do not do a lot of fun things.  At least that is what the rumor is.  I will have to try it out.  They meet on Thursdays for lunch and then some entertainment after.  I will have to give it a try. 

Today is a no do hair day.  I curl my hair everyday and I decided that I do not want to do that everyday.  So solution HAT.  I pulled it back stuck on my hat and put my makeup on.  I felt great.  Off to the store I went to get stocked up on groceries cause it is suppose to rain really hard and we will have to have the drive blocked in case it floods.  With the ground frozen there is no where for the water to go and our drive way slants down into our garage.  I told DH that I wanted my car washed and his answer was when the rain starts I will pull it out of he garage. 

Here are my fur babies.  Abby is 15 and she is the white one.  That blanket was one I had for her when she first came home and she will not part with it.  Tug is the one above and he is a Pomeranian but I try too keep him short because I hate hair all over.  They keep me busy and bless my daughter she comes to groom them even though she closed her business quite a while ago. 

I have not gotten out to do my project yet today.  Changed sheets on the bed and now my back is killing me.  I never thought I would ever have so much back trouble.  Oh well it will quit someday.  I am quite sure.  I may be 6 feet under but at least I wont be in pain. 

Thanks everyone that checks out my blog.  I hope it interests you.  I love love checking out what everyone is up to and I love the scenery and pictures.  You are some amazing ladies out there.  I have gotten a lot of ideas and fun things from your blogs.  Thanks again  and talk to you tomorrow.  That is if I am not floating away. 


Monday, March 4, 2019

Good Monday Dogs Groomed

Monday monday.  I did not get anything done today as it was dog groom day.  Tug and Abby needed it sooooo bad.  My Daughter Spring comes over to my house (when I can get her to) and does them up beautiful.  Pictures tomorrow.

How big is your laundry area?  Mine is like a hallway,  When we bought the house I didn't think that was a problem.  Then came four kids!  Well let me tell you it was a problem.  Now all the kiddos are gone but someone is not as thin as they used to be and so the problem changed but it is still a problem. 
I did not want to close off the one wall dur to all the water pipes would be covered up and I like having access to them.  So I improvised.  This year I had DH hang me some peg board to put baskets on so I could store some things.  It worked quite well but looking at it now I think it could be improved. 

We had to replace both my washer and dryer this year and I have to tell you I did not realize what a problem that would be..  The dryer that I had was one that the door came down in front and I could use to it unload and reload without any trouble.  New dryer door swings open so I have to stand against the wall, open the door and them come back around to load clothes in the dryer. 

I know small things but as I said before someone got a little bigger than they were and so the problem. 

We are suppose to get rain tomorrow so I had better get out and get my shopping done early.  When it rains for some reason my arthritis acts up more.  Well it is late and I need to get to bed so I can get an early start.  Hope all had a good day.


Saturday, March 2, 2019

That was the shortest spring ever.  It is snowing again we have two inches so far and if it coninues through the night we will have more.  It has snowed all day but it was warmer earlier and so it did not stick now that it has cooled off it is sticking and so I hope the city did not put their plows out.

Today was a do nothing day.  My sister came for a visit and that was nice.  We do not live only 76 miles apart but both of us being busy we do not get together often.  The older I get the more we look alike.  When we were little we did not look anything alike but now we are starting to look almost like twins. 

I was going to get so much done today but the visit with sis was better than anything I could have done.  Going to make it an early night as the weather has me down.

Good weekend to all

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Well the sun shinned yesterday and so out in the yard I went.  Got all the pine cones picked up and some raking done.  Yard does look a lot better. 

I cleaned out my pots and pan storage and was able to throw away one pan and lid.  I was hoping to toss more but I found I use everything in there. 

 My neighbor and I went on a hunt for a trough for her horses to restore for hunanitarian store and I was able to find a clock for in the TV den and a saying to put in my laundry room when I get it painted.  The saying says Wash Dry fold and repeat. 

 These are pictures of our now TV - den room down stairs.  I always wanted this room for this purpose when all the kiddos left home.  DH got it for his music room but slowly I will recreate it as a den - TV room.  These are his guitars and I ask you how many guitars does one man need?  This room needs a complete update.

I swept out the old storage and was going to organize it but the day became night and so I had to put it off.  Today is not too bad of a day I might get down there and do a little straightening. 

I am finding there was a lot more room in this storage than in the new one.  But there are just the two of us and I believe we do not need much.  The reason that this has all come to a head is that we have had 5 small earth quakes all around us and we live on the St Andres fault.  Everyone says there will be a big one some day.  I am really excited to get this area organized and utilized, it will clear up a lot of my garage and maybe I can find what I need when I need it. 

Well enought for today.  I need to drink my tea and get going if I am to accomplish anything. 
Hope your day is a good one everyone. 

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Well it is 1:00 A.M. and I cannot sleep.  My mind is full of nonsense and I cannot shut it down. 
Sunday we went for a ride as it was sunny out and it was so nice to feel the sun.  Today was another good day a neighbor and I went out to Restore (humanitarian store) to look for somethings and I found a clock for down stair so Mr will know what time it is when he is down in his cave. 

The snow has melted however I just checked the weather and it has us down for snow on Friday and Saturday.  I am hoping that it is only rain.  It has been so nice to finally see green grass.  However I got to see what a mess our yard is in and that was not consoling. 

Today was a good day.  I cleaned the fronts of my cabinets and also the pan cabinet and was able to get rid of one fry pan and lid.  I really thought I had more that I could spare but I did not. 

I have just about made up my mind to just quit trying to make everything perfect and just get on with life.  I am still trying to keep up with all the family things like birthdays and babies being born and trying to be the perfect grandma and great grandma and I think I have had it.  I just want to live each day to please me. Selfish I know. 

I saw a preview of a movie that is coming up and I definitely want to go see it.  It is call POM.
It stars Diane Keeton and I really enjoy her movies. 

Well tomorrow is another day so I had best try to get some sleep.  I will have some pictures tomorrow of our ride. 
Good night all

Friday, February 22, 2019

Well here it is Friday.  Wow where has the time gone.  We got to the dentist and the filling that I thought I needed turned out to nothing.  So now I am believing that it might be my sinus causing pain in my teeth.  This growing old is for the birds and I do not think they would even like it. 

I have not been very productive lately it is still snowing here and I just have had it.  I want some warm weather.  Usually we go to Nevada in February but it has been snowing there also. 

One of the farmer wives told me today that Spring is just around the corner and I wonder which corner?  I can't find it. 

Hubby and I went out for lunch and that was at least a small break.  I do so want to get my old storage place cleaned and organized with some things from the garage however it being as cold as it is I have not gotten to it. 

I really enjoy the comments I have gotten this last couple of posts.  Thank you all so very much.  I don't have any pictures to post today but maybe I will get some tomorrow.  If the sun shines I will definitely put some on. 

I went to Walmart and they are having a hard time getting set up for spring.  They usually have all their gardening things out but I think this weather has them confused.  Snow shovels and garden hoses?  Oh well.
 Talk to you tomorrow.  Stay safe out there.

Today is a great day,  I have noticed that I have more energy and my pain has decrease somewhat.  I am getting more done and enjoying it mor...