Friday, January 11, 2019

Today was Doctor visit to check on my knee and release me.  I am so gladd that is over.  It is still a little stiff however when the weather gets better I will get out walking and that should help.

We got some bad news last night.  Our nephew passed away from kidney failure.  He was so young.
His poor mom is devastated and also is big sister, as we all are.  Gone too soon.

Everyone has the cold congestion and I have be avoiding it.  So what happens today, I was at the church and this man comes up and needs some help.  You guessed it he was sick and coughed all over me.  Emergine C tonight for sure. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Well another day has flown the coop.  They seem to be going so fast lately which is fine but not in the spring.  We had a day out. Went to visit my sister-in-law and then did some shopping.  Just food so nothing fun.  Checked the account and was surprised to see a raise in both DH's and My SS checks this month.  Not much but every little bit helps. 
Put some bird food out on a board so I could watch them from my window.  This fellow was the only one I did not scare away.  We do not get any pretty birds here but any bird is better than none.
 My Amaryllis is beautiful.  I was so surprised when it bloomed so big. 

 Yes I have not gotten this quilt done yet.  I do not know why I cannot get excited about getting it done.  The free quilting is hard on my hands but I am determined to learn how. 
Good night to all. 

Monday, January 7, 2019

Well the new Year is bringing out the declutter bug in me.  Today I just want to give everything away.
I have a garmet tool and some garmets if anyone would like them.  I have not used them in forever and I am tired of them laying around.  I have too much stuff that I will never get around to and so it is going to be someone's present.  So If any of you crafters want this just leave a comment and your  name will be put in a bowl and I will pull out the winner.  I am not doing this to get followers but if you know of someone who would benefit from this please let them know.  I will send them after I get their address.  I will be doing more give aways so stay tuned.

These are the tools and some garmets I guess that is what you call them.  

Today is another windy cold day but I have some projects to get done.  One of them is finish the baby quilt I have been quilting now before Christmas.  Yes procrastination in a bad habbit.  
This is Abby she is part shitshu and part something else  they told me bishon so I call her a beshit. 
She is 15 years old and has some problems but she is doing ok.  I keep a close watch on her just because of her age.  If she gets where I can see she is not happy and suffering I will let her go to doggy heaven.  I do not like to see them suffer. 

Well better get busy and get something done.  I do hope someone can use the tool as I do not like selling things and I would like to give it to someone who thinks they can use it.  

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Oh but the weather outside is chillie.  I haven't done much the last few days.  Too cold outside and for some reason my legs do not want to work.  They have never been this bad in the winter and I am hoping that it is just a passing thing.  We did get a little shopping done the other day.  I had not gotten my sister any Christmas so I got her a new set of sheets and a movie I think she will enjoy,. 

My Amaryllis is going to bloom. I am so excited I have never had one before and it is going to be fun to watch it.  Everything here has been quiet as it is most years in January.  Nancy Poloasi is Head of the house and she is going to show Mr T just what for.  It is going to be a very interesting year in politics. 

New Years went off without a blast (bomb)  LOL   and I am so glad.  I think I watch New Years in New York for just that reason to see if anyone got through security.  So glad it all went well. 

I had Mr bring up my sewing machine so that I can finish the baby quilts I have started.  Tooooo cold down stairs even with my little heater.  I will be glad when it gets even a little warmer so that I can get a small walk in to see if that helps my legs.  I am sure that it is my back that is causing all the trouble but there is not much I can do about that.  My sister is coming to visit today and I will be glad to see her.  She doesnt live only 75 miles away but we do not get to see each other very often and it is just a short visit when we do. 
Well I had better get myself busy got lots to do. 
Take care all. 

Monday, December 31, 2018

Ok all the Christmas is packed away for next year.  I have even gotten some things thrown away.  My goal for this coming year is to get rid of at least two things every day.  It is so cold here it is going to be in the 20's all week and single digits at night.  Don't think I am going to be going very far this week.  I do need to go to the store and shop for something for my sister   My legs are really bad today.  I have made about 5 trips up and down the stairs and they are aching really bad and it is had to walk.  I have never been this bad.  I don't know if it is the cold or what/  I hope it gets better it is so hard to go anywhere or get anything done.  I was going to put in a picture of the dish cloths that I am making but I am to achy to go get the camera.  I will take some ibuprofen and see if I can get something more done.  We are not into celebrating the New Year we just sit home and pray that all our kids and grandkids are smart and get home safe.  Well Happy New Year to everyone.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

It s cold and breezy here today and we are suppose to get a winter storm this afternoon.  Here is my front of my house with the snow that we currently have.

I do not travel out much when it is like this.  Too much traffic and roads are too dangerous.  And yes I am a chicken.  Oh Well. I had to go up town to get some gas in my car and to my surprise the gas is the lowest it has been in a while.

See those mountains in the background our community is nestled in the bottom of them and I love watching the seasons change with them.  I told my daughter I will never move cause I love being close to my mountains.  I used to think I would like to live up closer but then I couldn't see them as well.  

This is a view of our mainstreet with the mountains.  Our community used to be very small and everyone knew everyone however someone let the secret out and now it is triple in size and we have three stoplights and four schools.  We still have to travel 5 miles to go shopping at the closest store.  And if you really want to shop you have to travel 20 miles.  It is not to bad in good weather but the freeway in bad weather is what I call Russian Rulette.  I usually take the back roads but now even those are getting crowded.  There are a lot of appartment complexes going up and that is bringing in more people.  Oh well we will keep on keeping on. KOKO.  Keep safe out there everyone. 

Friday, December 28, 2018

We have snow.  It snowed all day yesterday,  DH made it our to Smiths to get a few things and that was it.  The rest of the day was sitting on our computers and naps.  I cooked a new recipe and as usual DH did not like it.  I think he need to cook for the rest of our lives.  We would be living on beans!!  Christmas morning was fun we just made our usual run around to see all the kiddies.

Cuties are my oldest daughter's grandkids .  My precious Greats. 

This is Jade and Scout and Sawyer Second daughter;s grandkids.

This is second daughter's family.

We did not get picture of the other two families as we were busy eating a delicious breatfast made by them .

Well I have a lot of catching up to do today.  We were suppose to go to a funeral but because of the weather we decided to stay put.  I still need to venture up to town to get some med I called in yesterday.  We need the snow but boy do I hate traveling in it.  The traffic has gotten so heavy that it is just awful.  Well Happy New Year to Everyone.  On to 2019

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

It is over!

Well we tried.  DH and I stayed up to go to Midnight mass and we were there early so we went for a little ride.  We saw the Christmas lights but many were shut down as it was so late.  We got back to the church only to find there was no Midnight Mass.  This is the first year that they have not had it.  So sad.  We had a great Christmas no fuss not muss.  It was the first Christmas I let all the kids do their thing and I just sat back and watched.  I liked it.  They had plenty to do and I know they were busy busy.  I am looking forward to the new year and starting a new era.  Need to get walking again and maybe the pool.  Going to get my scheduling done and I want to start making cards so I do not have to spend money on them.  That is my big thing this year is to skimp and safe all I can and find new ways to do it.  Happy New Year to everyone and God bless in the New Year.

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Fun times watching our three little great granddaughters

dance last might..

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Ok so Christmas is basically over for us.  We did our food shopping yesterday and we are set through January except if we run out of eggs.   We will join #1 son for Christmas breakfast and then on to #2 daughter's house to check out their haul.  Granddaughter #3 is home from college and it is so nice to have her home again. 

Hubby asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I told him I have everything.  There is nothing I need or want so he comes home from the store today with:

He said he would just spoil me all year then.  I think that is a good idea!

He also brought me this Amaryillis but I have never had one so I must google it so I can take care of it properly.  Merry Christmas to me. 

Monday, December 17, 2018

Well it is Monday.  I give up!  Yes I give up!  I am so tired of my achy back and knee and now my legs are giving me fits.  Doctors just tell me it's my age.  Well that does not get everything done I have to do.  I have told Mr DH that we need to downsize and he says oh your just getting lazy.  Well I am not lazy but I am in pain.  So I am going to come up with a plan.  I started on my Tumeric again and Calcium and vitamin E so we will see in a months time how that goes.  I am also going to start setting up areas in my home to make it easier to clean.  Down stair I am going to purchase a light vac to keep things tidy down there and another broom.  I purchased a spray mop for upstairs and I am going to purchase some more of the reusable pads.  Yes I was going to make them but phooy on that.  I am tired of trying to economize when it comes to things I desperately need.  I am also going to downsize my hobbies.  I do not need to do so many.  I want to spend more time just reading and relaxing.  Not worrying about sewing something for someone so they will like me.  I am done.  I know I am on a pity party but I have just come to the end of my rope and the knot is slipping.

On a Happier note I got out my snowman spoon holder that I purchased with a dear friend who has since passed away.  And yes it is chipped but that is ok.
I also lit my scentsy candles to cheer me up.  I love candles.  These are not quite candles but they are lights during the day and that makes me happy.

We got up early and set off for Walmart to get there before the crowd and so glad that we did.  We splurged on some grapes.  They have gotten quite costly however Mr likes them in the evening so they are worth the splurge.

And last but not least I decided to get each family some vitamin C for Christmas.  We cannot afford
gifts for everyone so this will do.  

As soon as I get my baking done and deliver all my gifts I am done.  I will be so relieved to have this year over.  It has been a achy year.  I am praying 2019 is better. 

Today was Doctor visit to check on my knee and release me.  I am so gladd that is over.  It is still a little stiff however when the weather...