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Wow when will the holidays be over!  I love family but wow they keep me busy during this time of year.  DH had his check up at the doctors and all is well.  Thank-you Lord.  We are suppose to get snow today so it will be a stay in and sew day.  I have already got most of my morning routine accomplished so I should be able to accomplish some more quilting stuff. 

This is one of my great granddaughters and she turned one.  This is a picture of her first birthday party.  Her parents went all out and boy was it a celebration.  She is such a good baby and always happy.  Hoping my daughter comes to groom my dogs today.  They need it so bad and with my knee I cannot get down to bath them.  I wish I had a dog sink on a stand.  I keep thinking where I could hook one up but I would have to make sacrifices in my laundry room. 

I hope everyone is have a good holiday and keeping warm.  Keep smiling and do something fun today.

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