Saturday, November 14, 2015

I have decided to change my blog.  This Blog is for me to figure out how to find myself and maybe understand how I think.  I am a little OCD and that tends to make my days very frustrating.  I wish I could just let things lie but I keep thinking I must have everything perfect before I can do the things I enjoy and want to do.  I hate this but do not know how to control it.  
I read other blogs and I am so envious because everyone seems so in control of lives.  They do what they want when they want and if they want.  They do not fill quilty for not doing all the laundry or vacumning the floor everyday or even letting a bed go undone.  

I love to quilt and read and do family history.  Those are the three things I really enjoy doing.  I wish I could feel happy all the time but for some reason I feel like I must do everything for every one.   I am retired however I feel that I just quit working to now work full time in my home without pay.   How do I change my thinking?  I hope that this blog will help me change my attitude.  


Sue in Suffolk said...

Found your blog now!
I don't think anyone feels happy all the time, it would be impossible as life throws things at us so that we can sort them out, we have to feel sad,upset,cross,disappointed in order to know when we feel happy.
I read blogs and feel envious that people can do quilting, sewing, knitting etc all things that I missed learning. Then I remember that if I wanted to learn I probably could but actually I would rather be reading,baking, writing or preparing my blog.

Catsngrams said...

I read your blog and was impressed with it. You sound like such a together person. I am LDS and I think that may be some of my problem. They are so demanding and their policies change and even though I understand why it bothers me. I guess I just want everyone to love everyone like I think Jesus did. I am struggling this morning so I am not going to church which I will probably hear from the bishop. I feel so bad for the people in Paris. They have to be hurting so bad. Thank you for finding my blog I will try to be more positive.

Barbara said...

One thing I have learned in my 77 years on this earth is that everybody does not have all their life together. Life can be tough and many people cover it up and are not as honest as you. Blogs and facebook in particular are known for making people feel down as all they see about a person is the nice bits that they choose to share.

For myself I have battled all my life with trying to have everything perfect (which is an impossibility) and set such high standards for myself and others. I still find it hard to leave things undone but age (although I am fit and healthy) has a way of causing one to slow down and make it impossible to keep up the same standards.

Just trust yourself and do what you feel is right for you and know that you are perfect in God's sight and he loves you.Blessings