Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Will the wind ever stop.  Oh course if it did then it would feel hotter.   Today I am feeling better.  Stomach medicine is working finally, it has only been one week.  I Need to change my eating habits and take better care of myself.  I am in the middle of my Christmas project.  12 aprons for all the young ladies in our family.  It has been fun however when I started this project I thought 8?  but my daughter informed me 12.  So what is four more, I just my daughter does not recount.


Chris H said...

Hi Chick, good to see you blogging again.
Sewing for Christmas... wow you are on the ball.
I haven't given Christmas a thought yet.
I hope the weather is not to crappy today, and you can perhaps get out and about.

Catsngrams said...

Yes I missed you so I decided to start living again.