Saturday, February 4, 2017

Well I have not blogged for a long time as it seems no one really follows me,  so I am making this my daily dairy page or whatever comes to mind page.  Today I go to a friends memorial.  she was 72 and a dear friend.  Her family helped my family when we were growing up in our little community and those times were some of the funnest memories I have of my childhood.  It seems the older I get that more and more friends are going on without me.   Now I know how a sweet lady once told me.  "All my friends have gone before me I feel all alone"  I did't think much of it then but now I realize how she felt.  Well tomorrow I will attempt to post a picture of my lastest project.  Bye for now to all those special people our thee. 

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Chris H said...

I'm lucky, we have not lost too many friends yet... some family though of course. It is hard losing people but then again, it's a part of life eh?