Saturday, January 27, 2018

This is the kind of weather I am looking forward to.  Our scenery here is so beautiful that I am so anxious to get out in it.  With the Flue pandemic going on  I am stay home as much as possible.  Hand Sanitizers and wiping everything down when I do go out.  Mr V had the Influenza B last year and passed out on me three times.  I do not want to repeat that again.  They say the flue is worse this year and they have had some die from it.  So I will sit home and wait until it passes.

I love water falls they are so beautiful.  Hoping to get out and about in a month or so.  Well until then I have plenty to keep me busy.  I just finished a lap throw to keep my legs warm at night while watching television.  It worked up really well.  Thanks to youtube for the pattern.  I love youtube.
Well I had better get lunch on Mr V get hungary about now.  Everyone have a great weekend.

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