Saturday, June 30, 2018

Good Start to Saturday

Well If finally did it! The snowman quilt top is done.  It will make a cute snuggle quilt for someone.

Now to decide what color for the backing.  Decisions Decisions.
Tug my Pom buddy is back at his old tricks.  He likes to play like the pine cones are balls, however they make him cough so I have to keep them pickede up.  With the wind we have had lately that has become another chore.  Oh well.
Well this is enough for today I have to go get my meds from the pharmacy and run an errance for a friend.  
Hope to get more sewing done today.  

Friday, June 29, 2018

whew another busy day.

Well just got back from driving down to visit my sister,  She is fine just so you know.  We live about 85 miles apart and you would think that we would get together oftener.  The weather here is so hot and we have wild fires all around us.  I am going to post my sewing room mess later.  I cannot believe all the sewing I have to get done.  I think I could hide in there for a week and never be missed.  Oh I take that back someone would miss me around eating time.  I am looking for some easy and fast recipes if anyone has any please lead me to them.  Well see ya later today.  

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

New day.  Just got back from trying out the New IHOP.  Mr of course had to complain about something but his coffee wasn't it this time.  It is nice to finally have a good place to go to have a good breakfast.    Got lots to do today.  Cleaning, mowing and sewing.  I have quilt to bind, one to finish and some tea towels to put tops on.  Who says retirement is boring.  My daughter and granddaughter went to go to the movie last night cause it was $5 night.  Lesson learned.  Everyone else though the same thing.  The movie we wanted to watch was sold out.  So we ended up going to get a snow cone and coming home.  Good times and lessons learned.  Here are a few of my flowers in my yard.  Nothing is doing very good this year as it is has been so hot here. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Well I thought I would have a few pictures to put up today but things did not go as planned.  As I sit here I wonder where the day has gone and what did I accomplish?
Oh well there is always tomorrow I hope!

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Today was a special day.  My granddaughter turned 14.  It has been wonderful watching her grow into a beautiful young lady.  We had a BBQ and laughed and ate and the smaller kids jumped and swam and it was so wonderful.  Days like this are what life if all about.  I pray for many more. 

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Today was another good day.  We had family pulling us every which way to go to bbq and weddings and so we decided to just stay home.  That way no one got their feelings hurt.

I finally got my quilt back from the quilter and am going to post it tomorrow. I still need to bind it but I will post it without the binding.  The wind was blowing again today and it was really hot.  I felt good about getting all my plants dead headed and weeded.  I am now working on a snowman quilt it is just going to be a comfy quilt, but it is going to be cute.  It might become a gift. 

I also drove out to our farmer's market and they already have zuccinni's  so i will need to keep my eye out for more produce.  I think i have enough relish for this year however. 

Mr and I had a difference of opinion yesterday as I could not find my gardening tools and I know I put them in the shed after I used them last.  I hate it when I cannot find what I need to get the job done.  And with my back I need the tools I have.  So we went around a little because he doesnot put things back when he used them.  Always has and probably always will.  Well if anyone is reading this.

I hope you have a great Sunday.


Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Feeling blessed today.  Got most of my house work done and still lots of day left.
Need more positive thoughts and more spiritual thoughts.  Going to work harder on being more calm and content.  Pain is at a minimum today.

Today is a great day,  I have noticed that I have more energy and my pain has decrease somewhat.  I am getting more done and enjoying it mor...